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Recruiting followers in Instagram: how it is done, how it is dangerous, what services are available for it

Buying follower recruitment in Instagram is an automatic attraction of audience to an Instagram account with the help of special services. It attracts a live solvent audience that a business needs. To attract target users will help social network algorithms and advertising at influencers. But also tools for buying follower can still come in handy. We tell you how not to harm the profile, if you decide to use it.

Why use the recruitment of subscribers in Instagram

10 years ago, the topic of scrambling was in trend. Everyone was chasing the number of followers — ordinary users bragged about the numbers to their friends, and bloggers tried to sell advertising to brands that were taking their first steps in the SMM market.

Since then, the role of nudging has changed. Today in the SMM sphere, it is used as an additional tool that allows you to hide the shortcomings of the profile. For example, sagging engagement rates or reach on posts.

Let's consider why to buy followers in 2024:

  1. At the head of everything is the principle of social proof. If a profile has no followers at all, it can cause distrust in the audience. Our own experiments have shown: if you launch visits from bloggers or targeting through a foreign Facebook account, you need to have at least 200-300 followers. Otherwise, people will subscribe to the profile worse, and the lead will cost more.
  2. Recruiting — the easiest and cheapest way to get the first follower in Instagram. On average, one follower will cost less than a dollar. At the same time, you get a guaranteed number of follower for a minimum amount of time.
  3. The purchase will help to attract a live audience as well. There are services that attract not only bots to the profile, but also real users who subscribe to the profile for money. But such a service costs more.
  4. Bloggers, buying followers still helps to improve statistics in the eyes of advertisers. This can be achieved if you carefully «pour» not only subscriptions, but also views with likes. If we’re talking about major Influencers — you can consider that the tweaking is generally considered the norm. Even Cristiano Ronaldo had 25% of his audience turned out to be bots. It’s easy to check this by going to his profile.


It is unlikely that they are being tipped by the soccer player’s team. Rather it is done by the creators of bots, who imitate activity on freshly created pages. But the number of fake followers in any case is significant.

Are there sanctions for scrugging on the part of the social network

There are different judgments about the dangers of scrambling in Instagram. You can meet statements that the service can block the account with the possibility of recovery or send it to the so-called shadow ban. If the account is under such a ban, the social network lowers its coverage. Therefore, the SMM-specialist always makes a decision whether to make a spoofing at his own risk.

According to our experience, bans for spoofing do occur on YouTube, but there are none in Instagram. The social network punishes only for spam.

Spam includes massfollowing — subscribing to hundreds or thousands of accounts so that they subscribe to you in return. Massliking — similar actions with likes — is also considered spam. For this you can get a warning from the social network or ban without the possibility of restoring the page.

We also advise against mass mailing users in private messages and tagging them in photos to attract attention. People can leave a complaint about your profile. If there are a lot of complaints, Instagram moderators will really freeze your page or delete it altogether.

It is true that it is up to the users themselves to find out if a profile is being spoofed. It is easy to figure out if the page has a lot of followers, but few likes under posts and no comments from live people. In order for the purchase of followers to be safe for reputation, it is important to engage in the development of the profile. This works for both bloggers and companies.

Where can you buy instagram followers safely?

A service that really guarantees buying follower safe is . This service has all the qualities with other similar sites but its main advantage is the price and guarantee.

 The price here is lower and the percentage of real followers is higher among all sites that offer similar followers for high cost. We have analyzed and made purchases in 8 follower services and concluded that the percentage of live followers and their price is the most favorable. I hope that the price will not increase in the future, because in comparison with other sites on instagfollowers prices are lower on average by 30%, because it is a young site and they want to capture their audience.

 The warranty on instagfollowers is for 360 days as stated on the site. After our purchases, it has been 70 days and all the followers are still there. The site offers to restore in case the follower’s fall off.

We have noticed that the site has follower purchases along with likes, which makes it attractive and safe for the instagram algorithm. I think it will be much right if you decide to promote your instagram profile in a fast and safe way.